‘The Lost Are Found’ T-Shirt

from Claudia Brücken


Shipped by regular post. Black T-Shirt with white and blue print. ‘The Lost Are Found’ boat on front, Claudia’s signature on reverse.

Show the world if you are lost or found, or both, and how much you love the latest, wonderful, critically acclaimed, appreciated by the writers she has covered (who have heard their songs sung) Claudia Brücken album, by wearing the specially designed and deeply stylish ‘Lost are Found’ MMXIII tour T-Shirt, in sizes that will work for boys or girls.

The front features the haunting ‘Lost are Found’ rowing boat, just waiting to take you wherever you want to go, and on the back at the top, there's Claudia's signature; if you ever get to meet her before or after one of her shows, she'll sign over the signature to make it for real.

ships out within 5 days

  £10 GBP or more 



Claudia Brücken London, UK

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